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I <3 Yogurt

The Innovation of Food Science

Join us for a Virtual Field Trip to the state-of-the-art Chobani Greek yogurt factory in Twin Falls, Idaho, where we’ll explore some key ingredients – like innovation and technology. Classrooms will go behind the scenes to uncover the innovative technology used to make Greek yogurt and hear from real-world food scientists.

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Recipe For Innovation:

Good Food, Good Business

Chobani and Discovery Education have teamed up to create a dynamic K-12 interactive program that will stimulate insightful conversation between students and educators about nutrition and innovation in the food production process. The initiative is designed to equip educators and parents with interactive teaching tools - including a virtual field trip series, interactive lesson plans, digital explorations, and school-to-home learning materials - to engage students’ curiosity about where their food comes from, tracing the journey from farm to table.