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Grades K-5

Grades K-5

Explore the farm to table journey and the importance of healthy eating with students in grades K-5. Resources include an interactive lesson plan, student widget, and family activities that extend the learning at home.

Teacher Resources

Food Science Investigators
Grab your lab coats! Our free interactive lesson plan allows students to jump into the role of food scientist so they can explore key nutritional elements of dairy foods.

Family Resources

Food Detective Agency
Ever wondered what ingredients make up your favorite food? Here’s your chance to investigate as a family, and to use your findings to make informed choices about foods that can contribute to your family’s good health.
Fun in the Kitchen
Put your food scientist skills to the test in the kitchen and experiment with these recipes. Experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen can be a fun and educational way to learn about what’s in our foods while spending quality time together!

Healthy Food Innovation Center Student Interactive

Challenge students to explore this fun and engaging interactive where they have the opportunity to investigate three key nutritional elements of dairy foods: calcium, protein, and probiotics.

Launch Interactive

Live Virtual Field Trip

Join us as we explore a Greek yogurt factory and the journey from farm to fridge.


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